Properties of Gemstones

Garnet signifies eternal friendship and trust.

Amethyst is said to keep the wearer clearheaded and quick witted.

Aquamarine is associated with safe guarding sailors and guaranteeing a safe voyage. It's serene colour is said to cool the temper.

White Topaz is one of the most powerful of all healing gemstones.

Smokey topaz is said energising. It is good for balancing and improving ones general health.

Peridot is said to be the stone of hope and said to bring abundance and prosperity.

Topaz is said to bring happiness.

Moonstone is considered a token of love.

Agate comes in a variety of colours. It is said to improve memory and concentration .

Black Onyx is used to create emotional stability.

Fluorite is known as the genius stone. It helps clear the mind and heighten mental achievement .

Aventurine is a gentle stone that gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness.